Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't pee on Grammy's bed

I've changed course this summer. Oh, I'm still writing and working on my next book, but I have a new reason to smile. The joyous occassion? The birth of my first grandchild.

There's nothing like a tiny baby to melt your heart with his smiles, his peaceful expressions, his cries of where is everybody. I've never been addicted to any substance, but I think elixir of grandchild has me hooked. I'm helping out my daughter and son-in-law for a couple of weeks, but its no chore at all to care for this baby.

It was a case of love at first sight. Such tiny perfection in the fingers and toes. Such a wonderfully shaped head and compact body. Such energetic arms and legs.

He's taken to his Grammy, too. Almost every time I get to hold him, I'm treated to a virtual moving picture show of facial expressions. They flow seamlessly from joy to scowl to yawn and hiccup and then there's that thing he does with one eye closed that absolutely reminds me of my mother's you've-got-to-be-kidding look. Bright eyed or conked out, it doesn't matter, I could gaze at him for hours.

Silly to fall so deeply in love again, but there you have it. My husband will have to understand there's stiff competition for my heart, though there is plenty of love to go around.

It's quite an adventure for me to have a grandson when my kids were girls. I've learned to be fast with the diapering. My daughter and I were admiring his toes during a diaper change and he decided to start peeing. We were so startled that we started laughing. Pee went everywhere and we had to wash the baby, change his clothes, wash the spread and the pillowcases.

I like to keep my family life separate from my writing life, so I won't post a picture of the baby here. But I wanted to let you know why I was awol this month. Like any proud grandparent, I can confidently tell you that my grandson is the most beautiful baby in the world.

Wishing everyone a summer of smiles!

Maggie Toussaint
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