Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Life in the time of Corona

We're safe here, so far, but I swear everything you read or hear makes it sound like the coronavirus (or CoVid-19) is stalking everyone. Who needs that? Life is difficult enough as it is.

My computer is in the shop. That's something no writer likes to hear. I'm on day one with no personal computer and trying not to hyperventilate. So far I haven't passed out, but I've raided the pantry a few times already. Thank you very much, computer gods.

Planning for a book launch when everyone and everything is locked down seems like spitting in the wind. And yet, I'm doing it because that's expected. Luckily, I have a strong online presence so I hope folks will be receptive to many of the online things I've planned. After all, we should SEAS THE DAY, right?

More info about my April 21 release at 
Launch tour posts done, check. Supplemental blog posts done, check. Launch party online, still to be planned. Library mailing, in the works. Local signing, on hold. Conference appearances, on hold.

Book conferences are being cancelled right and left. It's a whole new world out there now, and many conference planners are going with virtual conferences this year. Let's all step up to the Brave New World for authors and readers.

As for personal care, we are washing our hands with soap and water at home and using hand sanitizer for any medical trip or food run. I made a few cloth masks in case we need them, and we've got some gloves. But it's all scary. Will life go back to normal?

More importantly, where did all the world's toilet paper go?

(I hope you enjoy my photography. I love taking photos of natural images.)

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