Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Trouble With Cupid, round two!

This fun mystery anthology just went live for 2019. I hope you'll consider purchasing this short story collection all of which feature Trouble the sleuthing cat from Wetumpka, AL, because all the proceeds go to charity.

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Fun-sized bites of Trouble, Cat Detective! All proceeds from the sale of THE TROUBLE WITH CUPID will be donated to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. The famous black cat detective from Wetumpka, Alabama is at it again in this collection of sometimes poignant, often amusing short mystery tales.

Bestselling authors Carolyn Haines and Laura Benedict lead the lineup with the sassy “Calling All Cupids” and the sweet “Of Mice and Munchkins,” followed by Claire Matturro’s heartwarming contribution, “The Madonna in the Garden.”

With additional stories by eight other authors, including critically acclaimed veterans and exciting new talents, The Trouble with Cupid is a delightful offering of wicked fun for anyone who loves mysteries, cats, and a touch of romance.

Authors: Laura Benedict, Carolyn Haines, Greg Herren, Michelle Broussard Honick, Eve Osborne, Fran Roberts, Nancy Sartor, Maggie Toussaint, Lisa Wysocky, Claire Matturro, and Jaden Terrell.
The Trouble books are a multi-author coalition published by KaliOka Press with each mystery novel featuring Trouble, the black cat detective. All the full-length mysteries are available in e-format and print.

Come on, you know you gotta have it!

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Muddy Waters cover reveal, Author Edition

As is the way with books and publishers, from time to time, rights revert to the author. That's what's going on here with the forthcoming Author's Edition release of Muddy Waters, the first book in my Mossy Bog Romantic Suspense series. It will soon be available from all digital venues.

My first priority is to reissue ebooks of the five romances that I just had rights reversion on. After that, I will see if issuing print books are warranted.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this new cover, put together with the loving hands of my friend Polly Iyer. My goal is to use the same font and font placement for all three books in this series to create a series look.

Originally issued in 2010, this book has been edited from front to back to update the content.

Muddy Waters is currently up for pre-order at Amazon, to go live on Tuesday, Feb 5. Other vendors have already pushed the listing through their sales channels so there's no waiting at Nook, Kobo, or iBooks.

Here's the new blurb:

Real estate broker Roxie Whitaker is juggling skittish clients, an anxious bride, and her wayward brother. She’d very much like to sell some property, soothe her friend’s wedding jitters, and knock some sense into her party-boy brother’s head. Meanwhile, she needs a date for the wedding. In walks Sloan Harding, the town’s former bad boy and now an Atlanta security expert, and Roxie believes he’s the answer to her dreams.

Sparks fly as he escorts her to the wedding and asks her advice about his property. While he’s home, Sloan hunts for his missing inheritance. Sloan’s search uncovers family secrets and painful memories. To make matters worse, someone in the shadows is after his inheritance, someone who will do whatever it takes to walk away with the fortune.

Also, reviewers from before loved Roxie and Sloan's story. Here are a few snips from those earlier reviews: 

“Great book, wonderful mystery and a red hot love story underlying it.  Roxie and Sloan really mix it up in and out of the bedroom and that is what makes for a great romance.  You can’t ask for more than that now can you?” –  Mary Gramlich, THE READING REVIEWER

“Toussaint pens a pleasant read for a nice fall afternoon. With its home realty and repair subplot, the author obviously knows her stuff.” – Cindy Himler, ROMANTIC TIMES

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More information at my website, including an excerpt!  Click here for the website listing.

Thanks, readers, for demanding more in this fun series that blends cozy mystery and romantic suspense. Hot Water and Rough Waters will be reissued next.

Happy Reading!