Sunday, February 23, 2014

Something HOT this way comes!

Hey blogging world! I've been busy editing two books, but I'm emerging from by editing cave to announce the smashing release of MURDEROUS BEGINNINGS!

This collaborative effort on Kindle brings you five FULL LENGTH mysteries from five authors, each the first books in a popular mystery series. That's right five great mysteries at a bargain basement price! The cost for the set is $0.99, but the catch is that it's available for a limited time only....

Wanna know more? My In For A Penny is included in the set. It's the first in my Cleopatra Jones series and this is the lowest price you'll find for it. Plus, a buy for Cleo will get you four other mysteries for your reading pleasure.

The books are arranged alphabetically by author, which brings Kathy Bennett's A Deadly Blessing front and center. Next up is RP Dahlke's A Dead Red Cadillac, followed by Connie Shelton's Sweet Masterpiece. Maria Grazia Swan's Love Thy Sister comes right before my In For A Penny.

The boxed set is available on Amazon as a digital title. Here's the link:

And in other news, Rough Waters, my upcoming romantic suspense is nearing the end of the editorial food chain at The Wild Rose Press. Look for an announcement soon about a release date and hopefully another great cover to round out this romantic trilogy.

Also, Gone And Done It, my first paranormal mystery, will be out in early May. Yay! Reviews for this title are already cropping up on Goodreads.

Stay warm and I'll meet you back here real soon!!!