Friday, September 11, 2020

Rebirth of House of Lies and No Second Chance

 Two of my romantic suspense/romantic mystery books formerly published by The Wild Rose Press are now on preorder and will release on September 17, 2020. Please take at look at these newly updated books and covers! These books are exclusively available on Kindle for 90 days.


This was my first published book, and it won the 2007 National Readers' Choice Award. House of Lies is also the only book I ever wrote with secret agents and international spies! Here's the brand new cover (with a nice thank you to help from Polly Iyer), the book blurb, and the buy link:

It’s too late to win her father’s love. Instead, Hannah Montgomery must deal with the remote mountain cottage she inherited. The caretaker of the property, wounded ex-CIA agent Jake Sutherland, promised his dying partner that he’d help Hannah get settled.

But Hannah is very unsettled by the hidden letters from her father, letters which put Jake and Hannah on a collision course. As secrets from her father’s life are revealed, Hannah’s deep-seated quest for the truth challenges Jake’s loyalty and honor.

To make matters worse, the double agent who betrayed Jake and killed her father tracks them down. Caught in a web of deceit, Hannah must make a choice. Will she risk her heart—and her life - to learn the truth about her secretive father?

Buy Kindle version of HOUSE OF LIES


This book came about through my volunteering for a horse rescue charity and it is near and dear to my heart. I hope you will be keenly interested in this Cinderella tale of corporate espionage and redemption. Again, many thanks to my friend Polly Iyer for help with this cover.

Hope Farrier rescues unwanted horses, but she’s saddled with debt. Without help she’ll lose Second Chance Farm, the first home she’s ever known. An endowment brings the promise of future relief and the presence of shrewd business manager, Devlin Temple.

Trouble is, Devlin has his dreamy blue eyes on more than her bottom line.

Playboy Devlin Temple lays a trap for the thief that’s fleecing his company. When his cousin sets his cap for Devlin’s job, Devlin knows he needs Hope’s help to secure the CEO position. In her arms he finds the solace and support he craves, but their blossoming romance prompts the thief to raise the stakes.

Will Devlin and Hope pay the ultimate price for love?

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PARTY! There will be a launch party to celebrate the release of these two updated books and three updated futuristic romances from Nancy J Cohen on September 22, Tuesday, at 7 pm EDT over at