Wednesday, December 26, 2012

E-reader Book Bash - Grab a book or two!

I'm happy to participate in the E-reader bash. 23 authors are giving away 27 romantic ebooks. That's a whole lotta love!

To enter, all you have to do is answer a question here at Mudpies in a comment between now and Dec. 29. There will be a grand prize and a second place prize, with each winner taking home more than a dozen ebooks! Winners will be posted late on Sunday, Dec. 30.

My book that's up for grabs is Murder in the Buff, a romantic mystery. In the story, reporter Molly Darter's job is on the line, and her marriage has gone south. When she gets the worst assignment of her life, she can't turn it down. The job? Getting an obituary from the nudist colony.

My question for the giveaway is: what hair style does the woman behind the fence sport?

Here's a short excerpt where you can look for the answer:

We’d also heard the naturalists were retired call girls. No telling what went on back in these dark woods. Orgies. Wild rituals. Substance abuse. Anything was possible in such a remote location.

I checked the time again and sighed.

If I left right now, my mother would never know I’d been here. However, Ted would fire me if I returned without this family-placed obituary. Jobs were scarce in our county of ten thousand people, and with my changed personal circumstances, I couldn’t afford to lose this one. Air huffed out of my lungs, up my warm face, giving flight to the wispy bangs on my forehead.

I dried my sweaty palms on my jeans and ramped up the air conditioning another notch. What was taking so long? I rubbed the back of my neck to ease the stiffness.

Behind the stockade fence, briars and weeds flourished. Spanish moss and ropy vines choked the tops of the oaks, pines, and cedars, adding to the sense that anything could and would happen deep in that jungle of green.

Jungle love gone wild.

I grimaced at that carnal image. My gaze fell to the thick ground cover outside my door. I couldn’t see the sandy soil at all. I gulped. There were probably rattlesnakes galore out here.

Cottonmouths and copperheads, too.

And ticks.

I bet every tick known to mankind lurked within the dark green foliage, waiting for me to step out of my vehicle. I’d have to be diligent as I checked every inch of skin tonight for ticks.

Without warning, a narrow-faced woman with gray braided hair peered over the top of the fence and waved her bare arms. My heart sunk as her lips moved. Dang, she was talking to me. With my windows up, I couldn’t hear a word she said.

Please, dear God, let her have clothes on behind that fence.


Okay. So all you have to do is leave your answer in the comments section of this blog. If you'd like to visit other blogs and have more winning chances, here's a list of the other blogs involved:
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BE STILL MY LOVER’S HEART by Lisa Hannah Wells ~
THE TREASURE OF COMO BLUFF by Alison Henderson ~
SOMEWHERE MY LOVE (A ghostly time travel romance) by Beth Trissell ~
FAERIE FOOL by Silver James ~
CLEAR AS DAY by Babette James ~
AN UNEXPECTED GIFT by Katherine Grey ~
TAKE ME HOME, COWBOY by Krista Ames (Plus 4 Anthology titles below) ~
THE DOLLHOUSE (For the Love of Christmas Anthology) by Dani-Lyn Alexander~
Carolyn Sullivan
MAGIC OF THE LOCH by Karen Michelle Nutt ~
THE BETTER MAN by Ceri Hebert ~
CONNECT THE DOTS (For the Love of Christmas Anthology) by Jennifer Eaton ~
FADEOUT by Rolynn Anderson ~

Plus four anthologies, courtesy of Krista Ames.

Thanks to Mackenzie Crown for putting this together. Besides commenting here, a comment at the other sites may increase your chances of winning. Best of luck to you all!

Don't forget to leave a comment with your answer to my hairstyle question! I'd love to put a copy of Murder in the Buff in your hands, and on your e-reader. MITB is available in all digital formats.


Maggie Toussaint

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hats and holidays

I wear many hats in real life and cyberspace. Truthfully, you won't catch me without a hat on my head if its daylight. It seems I got my lifetime dose of sunshine nearly fifty years ago, so I have to be extremely careful. Sunblock is my best friend.

I inhabit the realms of mystery and romance, of traditional publishing and indie publishing, which can be something of a logistical challenge at best. The good news is I never have to wonder what I'm going to do next. Something is always happening. And I like it that way!

This week, starting this past Wednesday on Dec 5 through this Sunday Dec 9, my zany cozy mystery is yours for the taking on Kindle. With great reviews from Kirkus, Mysterious Reviews, The Reading Reviewer, and a wonderful fanbase on Amazon, this Five Star rated book is a winner for readers who enjoy romantic mysteries.

You'll want to follow this link to download a complimentary copy. 
Be sure to tell your friends. On The Nickel the holiday gift that keeps on giving!

This year, thanks to the gift of fabric and an inherited sewing machine, I've been sewing aprons for my family. In our tiny house, the only space to do this is on the kitchen table. Fortunately, my husband goes with the flow. Last night he rested the bowl of taco meat on the table top ironing board beside his place mat without batting an eye.

Other holiday traditions I enjoy, besides gathering with family and friends, is helping out at the giftwrapping both at our outlet mall. So many folks come in and want something special for their loved ones and they ooh and ahh over the pretty handmade bows and shiny paper. We have foil wraps, jumbo bows, and best of all, big ears to listen to everyone's story.

grandson Abe
That's right. Everyone has a story, and the need to share it drives us to seek out others. The best gift, IMO, is to take the time to listen to someone this season. Sit down and really listen to what they have to say.

I have a dear friend who works at soup kitchens in December. She makes big pots of soup at home and brings them in to share with everyone at the kitchen. Another friend spends extra time helping out at the shelter.

What about you? Do you have your hands full with the regular hustle and bustle? Do you cut corners on decorating or baking to make it all work out? Just wondering.

Don't forget to get your copy of On The Nickel.

Wishing you the merriest of holidays!

Maggie Toussaint