Monday, October 4, 2010

SEMWA Skill Build at Honey Creek

A picture is worth a thousand words, well maybe, 820 after our revision workshop at the Skill Build. Hope you enjoy the photos.

What a perfect weekend! We had mild temperatures, a nice breeze blowing off the marsh, and eager writers excited about our Skill Build.

My friend Holly McClure, who's a literary agent, an author, and an ordained minister, helped me pull this workshop day together. We had sessions on revising your work, on marketing yourself, on getting yourself into print, and an extended question and answer period about the state of the publishing world.

Jack McDevitt made it sound so easy, but he also handed out great advice. Jack's been publishing fiction for more than 25 years. If there's anyone who knows what it's like day in and day out, it's Jack McDevitt.

Though our attendance was somewhat low, those who were there expressed pleasure at coming and of getting new information. Whether it was prologues, critiques, or editing, the meeting room buzzed with interest.

Thanks to Holly McClure and Jack McDevitt for making this such a success. (Maybe I should change my last name to McToussaint?) And thanks to Southeastern Mystery Writers of America for sponsoring the event and providing the seed money. Couldn't have done it without you!

Enjoyed it!

Maggie Toussaint

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  1. Shoot! I forgot the photo key. Starting at the top: 1. Jack McDevitt; 2. Holly McClure: 3. Maggie Toussaint; 4. Mary Erickson, Diane Mutolo, Clint Day; 5. Jill Wright and Ann Eaton; 6. Judy Weber, Dianne Ell, and Nancy Quatrano; 7. Buck Buchanon and Susan Harvey; 8. Maggie Toussaint, Jack McDevitt, Holly McClure; 9. Nancy Quatrano and Judy Weber enjoying the grounds at Honey Creek; and 10. Ann Eaton and Jill Wright by Honey Creek.


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