Monday, February 16, 2015

Shipwrecks and Rough Waters

Rough Waters, my contemporary romantic suspense novel, came about because I wanted to write about people being knocked down by life. I wanted to see them triumph over adversity, but like any happy ending, they had to work for it.

Coupled with this not-just-surviving-but fighting-back mentality, I wanted to write about treasure. Where I live in coastal Georgia, and all up and down the Southeastern Seaboard, are tales and wrecks and dreams of the pirates that at one time infested our waters. Where there are pirates, there be gold!

Here's a shipwreck that gets uncovered periodically on nearby Cabretta

My hero, Rock, lost everything: his ailing mother, his business, his best friend, his physical wholeness, and his boat. Worse, when he was recovering from the accident, the treasure he'd recovered from the sea went missing. Trouble is the treasure belongs to his investor, who expects payment...yesterday.

And then there's pink-haired Jeanie. So brave after being abandoned with her two kids while her husband ran away with her cousin. So determined to pull herself up by her bootstraps. So sure she doesn't need anyone in her life. Until her business and home get ransacked and she's afraid for her children's sake. Everyone's telling her to run and hide, but she won't leave her fate in anyone else's hands. She can't.

Rough Waters was recently featured in the Southern Writers Valentine Catalog. I hope you'll click the link to take a peek!

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Happy Reading!
Maggie Toussaint


  1. Rough Waters sounds like a wonderful day, I will make time to read it! I promise.

  2. Maggie, I had the opportunity to read an early version in draft form, and I loved it. Rock! You don't see that name used too often anymore. And poor Jeannie to lose her husband to her husband! Talk about Rough Waters! Good luck with it!

    1. Good grief! I need to go to sleep... Her cousin not her husband :) Well, add that one to your science fiction :) xxoo

    2. Thanks, Donnell. Typos and flying fingers, we all have those! I appreciate the visit.

  3. This one sounds like a great read.


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