Monday, November 1, 2021

Book of the Month: Gone and Done It

 Imagine my wonderful surprise when I opened Karla Brandenburg's newsletter this morning to find a large feature of my Gone and Done It as her "Book of the Month".

"Maggie Toussaint ‘s Dreamwalker series is one of my favorites, maybe because she taps into that spooky vibe that I like. GONE AND DONE IT is the first in the series, one which I’d missed while I was reading the rest of them, so I only recently got caught up.

Single mother Baxley Powell has inherited the family talent for Dreamwalking, whether she wants it or not. As she’s working in her landscaping business, she uncovers a skull, much to the chagrin of her client, and now the much-needed fee is being held hostage.

Baxley needs money to pay the bills, so she suggests to the misogynistic chief of police (who has been chasing her since they went to school together) that if she uses her family’s legendary psychic abilities to help him identify where the skull came from and who it belongs to, he will hire her as a police consultant.

The clues are handed to her bit by bit as the dead woman struggles to trust Baxley, and then a second person turns up dead beneath one of the trees Baxley planted. Now Baxley has two murders to unravel, but each walk among the dead for answers exacts a price. With the help of her hippie family and the support of her community of friends, Baxley ferrets out the answers and gets the job with the police department.

Baxley is a very likeable character. Her concern for the welfare of her child is her primary motivation, and her love of the family that surrounds her and nurtures her keeps her grounded. Her missing military husband adds another dimension to the story, leaving the reader to wonder if he’s the “watcher in the woods” who protects her from a distance.

For readers who like a supernatural tone, I highly recommend this series. Each book takes a deeper dive into the world of the dead, and each trip Baxley takes to find answers exacts a price. A great mystery/police procedural/supernatural story, set in coastal Georgia (hence the southern dialect titles!)."

Be sure and check out this first book in the seven book series!

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Happy November to all!
Maggie Toussaint


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