Thursday, September 17, 2015

Book Review: Becoming Moon by Craig Hart

((Spoiler alert)) A young man who makes questionable choices becomes an imposter. In the heat of the moment he steals another author’s work. He rationalizes his actions, saying he deserved the success, but the move cost him friendships, his social life, and a chunk of his mental health. Years later, paranoid and compulsive, he has another opportunity to become "Someone," but he bolts at the first sign of trouble. In a diabolical plot twist, this character naturally flows into a second imposter role by legally assuming the rights to another’s name.

Kindle Scout winning Craig Hart’s book is deep, reminding us that we are a product of our choices. From the start, this protagonist bucked the system, choosing to go against tradition and his family’s wishes. Hart cleverly doesn’t name his protagonist, using him as an every man, a masthead for the universal screw-up inside each of us.

Coming from a fundamental Christian background, the main character has qualms about his actions, qualms that result in hallucinations and loathing of his father. The message of the book is: people lie, cheat, and steal. Some get away with it. Or do they?

Another reviewer mentioned this book as a modern classic. I second that endorsement. Hart draws you in with simple prose and a man-child driven by the need to succeed. In today’s world of "what’s in it for me?" it’s easy to see how this situation could transpire, even easier to see how morals and ethics are becoming less the fabric of our society and more like the out of date clothing shoved to the back of our closets. I predict you won’t quickly forget this excellent book.

Maggie Toussaint and Rigel Carson for Muddy Rose Reviews

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