Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trumpet Fanfare! New Book from Maggie Toussaint

I have a new book out. This one is in my dystopian thriller series, and it follows my Kindle Scout winning G-1. I'm so happy to have this book available for fans of G-1.

In G-2, first contact is made with an alien race in an Earth 50 years from now. The aliens come in peace and seek to set up trade agreements. Countries round the globe wine and dine the aliens in hopes of finding favor and getting rich.

But my protagonist Dr. Zeke Landry knows a thing or two about aliens, especially this race. They are not to be trusted. He fights back using his trusty android sidekick, who's currently lovesick over being dumped by the hottest female music artist on the planet.

I'm posing an excerpt below, and I hope you'll check out this fantastic story.

ALSO, I WILL BE HAVING 3 FACEBOOK LAUNCH PARTIES. I have collected great prizes of necklaces related to the story, dolphin tattoos, dolphin pens, dolphin key rings, glow in the dark key tags, and more.

This pendant is representative of Zeke's keystone necklace he inherited from his father. This oddly shaped stone is an actual key to his secret hideout (shh, don't tell) under the lighthouse on Tama Island. I have 3 of these to give away, one at each Facebook party.
Mark your calendar so that you can make at least one of these Facebook parties, and if you want to try for a prize you missed, hit all three!

Thursday, Sept. 24 7-8 pm EDT, Book Launch Party
Tuesday, Oct. 6, 3-5 pm EDT, Bookies
Saturday, Oct. 17, 8-10 pm, Band of Dystopian Authors & Fans


Shadows flickered in the darkness, black on black, Zeke’s mental gaze keenly attuned to the dark nuances. Frissons of dread peppered his thoughts, rattling his senses. He floated in the timeless void of space. Cold. Alone. Afraid.

Without warning, a line drive of thought energy socked him. He struggled to hold the link. The vermillion-tinged darkness reminded him of primordial ooze from which there was no escape. Was his planet destined to go the way of the dinosaurs?

Several voices spoke in uneasy unison, adding to Zeke’s disembodied sense. We have not been successful in dealing with Maleem. They take. They do not negotiate. They do not compromise.

His spirits plummeted. There had to be a way. He couldn’t give up on his planet without a fight. Someone, somewhere must have beaten the Maleem before. Earth needed to build on that success. He fired a query across the vacuum of space. Wait! What about those few stragglers on Drigil Eight? How did they survive?

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Maggie Toussaint
writing science fiction as Rigel Carson
visit my alter identity at RigelCarson.com

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